My Story


pieroguidi-con-ali02Love is the spirit behind my brand, Piero Guidi "Angeli del nostro tempo"
My studies led me to the world of art: I studied for my “Maestro d’Arte” diploma at the prestigious “Scuola del Libro” in Urbino, the pearl of the Italian Renaissance, where Raphael was born. This is where my story began, my passion for art, sculpture and graphics. My knowledge of metals led me to start creating handmade items for everyday use: first belts, then bags, suitcases and, later on, clothing: objects desired by people who surround themselves with beautiful things every day.

My Factory, where my ideas and designs are born, is located here in Urbino.
“Angeli del nostro tempo” is dedicated to all the people who buy what I make, every day all over the world, living the spirit of love in all its forms. All the “Angeli del nostro tempo” collections are distinguished by the symbol of two angels in flight, embracing one another in a gesture of love: a man and a woman, which I think is how every one of us would like to be.

Piero Guidi

My brand is like the snow, the rain, the sunshine, the evening sky; it’s like a car trip, it's like love, my hometown, my country, the flag I fight for. It’s something that warms my heart; it’s my pride, a colleague’s smile, the challenges and joys of a new project.

It’s a plane trip, a wheat field, a friend I’ve just met or a woman wearing one of my bags.
It’s being afraid I haven’t done things right; it’s a family – my family.
It’s my mirror in which I would like to see other people reflected too, it’s an evening working or a film on tv; it’s my blue fairy, it’s Superman, it’s what makes me fly, it’s the part of me that is carefree, because my brand is like my life, in fact it is my life. I take it with me everywhere, day and night.
It’s my testimonial, my alter ego, MY LIFE. 

Piero Guidi

University of Urbino, “Carlo Bo”, faculty of Sociology, June 19 2008
Communication and brand: the Piero Guidi story