The History of Lineabold



In some ways, the 1980s were contradictory and difficult years, but they have had a profound effect on our creativity.

3Milan affirmed itself as the fashion capital of the world, while New York became the symbol of new hedonism: more and more people wanted beautiful, refined, and designer object. Cities become metropolises: people travel, they search for success, they meet in trendy places and forge friendships as society growns increasingly cosmopolitan. 

Piero Guidi has interpreted-before many others- the essence of the “world”. 
The Lineabold line is born: daring products that break the mold, combining functionality with originality. 

Black is the distinctive color, and for the first time the famous metal tag is introduced, upon which to engrave one’s name and address, and in so doing transforming every single model into a personalized, must-have piece. The metal buckle is another element that makes the product immediately recognizable.

From its inception the Lineabold line has been designed with an exclusive material registered by Piero Guidi. Its durability is one of the characteristics that has guaranteed its success: stress resistant, scratchproof, tearproof, and waterproof, Its resistance is just one of the secrets that make the Lineabold range of products reliable travel companions.

Following the successes of the 1980s, new variations have been introduced that have paved the way to new colors and combinations, while still keeping the original spirit of the collection.