Dynamism and creativity. These are the traits that characterize our company. In a fastpaced world in which ideas can turn into projects in the blink of an eye, we remain true to the Italian tradition of making things with care. Creativity is difficult to explain. It’s a gift, a ray of light, something spiritual. An idea can come from observing someone on the street, reading a newspaper, watching a movie, or catching up with a friend. That’s where a project is born, to then become a reality through the daily work of many people. I love calling myself a maker of objects. I am driven by curiosity. I have spent my life learning how to make objects, and I’m still not satisfied. I never will be. It’s a neverending story . . . I don’t envy material wealth. I envy whoever can make a better product. It’s an emotion that is immediately channeled into a creative force that pushes me to work with even greater energy and passion. In our line of work, we can never just sit on our laurels. We must always move toward the future. I always tell my collaborators: “We need to improve for what we will do tomorrow.” Our primary objective—ever present in our minds—is to make great products for those who appreciate what we do. Our possessions need to inspire us. A product is successful only if it can connect with the soul of a person: that’s when magic happens. From the creation of accessories to the choice of materials, linings, seams, and packaging, every detail is born from an ancient culture—that of our city, Urbino, one of the great European Renaissance capitals. We have always worked with excellent collaborators, who are great at what they do. They are young and motivated. The people that surround me are an essential part of my world. Since 1991 two angels in flight—a man and a woman joyfully embraced—have been our brand’s symbol. It’s a positive symbol. It’s the spirit that lives within those who with their way of doing things try to change the world, sometimes successfully. My company’s logo is my alter ego. It lives with me day and night, and continues to fill me with the same enthusiasm I had the day I embarked upon this adventure.
It’s my life.


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